Allsmoor a dog day, too hot for comfort.

May 20, 2024 at 10:19 pm

This week an afternoon visit to my local pond, hoping to catch a few crucians, was a non starter, arriving to find, that a bright blue sky and unrelenting sunshine had caused algae coating the bottom to become full of bubbles and to float to the surface.

The light breeze was pushing all the algae over to my side of the pond and making casting a hit, or  miss affair, it being a 70/30 chance of the breadpunch bait being coated with the slimy green fronds. Further out toward the middle it was clearer and with the pole at 9 metres, was able to lower the bait into the gaps. Groundbait was balled into the area and the float began to skate across the surface, as small rudd were attracted in, most dropping off the size 14 hook in the 7 mm punch of bread.

This was definitely a dog day, too hot for even dogs to bother to run around. Catching tiny rudd after rudd was beginning to challenge even my optimism and it was only the thought of having to tackle the uphill walk home in this heat, that kept me seated on my tacklebox.

A slideaway bite on the fine antenna float, resulting in the elastic of my pole slowly stretching out, woke me from my hazy dream state. At last a better fish, but even this small carp seemed reluctant to fight and after following it around, as it collected a washing line of algae over the float and line, I drew it into the landing net.

Back into the same area, I waited for another bite. A dither, a dip and a slow sinkaway had me poised for more action, but the gudgeon hooked was no compensation. More small rudd followed, then I lifted the float to check that the motionless antenna was not due to the bait being coated with algae, when the suface erupted,  a crucian carp leaping clear of the surface. Crucians will often just sit with the bread held between their lips. A short hectic battle ensued, before the elastic went clack and returned to the pole. The precious crucian was gone, along with my enthusiasm. Maybe the crucians were coming on the feed, but I was not prepared to wait. I packed up, loaded the trolley and began the walk home.