CZ 452 .17 HMR accuracy scores on new permission.

October 19, 2015 at 1:49 pm

Having been granted permission to shoot over a new 20 acre area of grassland and mixed scrub, I’d been back a for few visits, picking off a couple of rabbits each time, before moving on to other farms in the area on a whistle stop tour of quick and easy kills. It was time to give the land a bit of attention, while touching base with the owner.

rabbits 004

The grass had been cut in August, but wet, warm conditions had soon increased it’s length, ruling out any prone sniping, but a solid fence post gave a firm support for the CZ 452 Varmint. Small groups of rabbits were visible close to the hedge line extending to within sight 300 yards away, but there were three within 60 yards, taking the nearest two in the time it took to shift the bolt, while the third made it back to the brambles and safety without stopping for the expected, usually fatal pause, before disappearing.

rabbits 003

Side stepping a clump of trees, I had a clear view of the top of the field, where an unsuspecting rabbit was munching in the long grass, it’s twitching ears visible about thirty yards away. Leaning against the trunk of a tree, I reduced the scope magnification to the minimum x4 and raised the rifle, sucking in air between pursed lips to give a long squeak, the ears pricking up, before the head lifted in time for a steadied shot. The rabbit dropped from sight.

In cover behind the trees, I patrolled the two views over the following half hour, shots at 80 and 100 yards resulting in two more kills from the middle section. With no more incursions, I climbed the gate to pick up the rabbits, still looking for the one from the long grass, when the owner came out of his house for a chat, his dog locating the missing bunny, it being twenty yards away from where I thought that I’d shot it.

The owner took me on a tour, down to the far end among the trees, which shows evidence of being an old dumping ground, burrows pock marking the mounds, all in view of an ideal sniping point, raised ground surrounded by bushes. While I have been climbing the gate for access, he now gave me permission to enter the field through his garden, where mounted on a pedestal is a 12 inch search light, a relic of his days in the navy, which he then proceeded to demonstrate it’s use, this also being available for me, when the nights draw in. I have obviously made a good impression on the landowner and must continue to do so with regular visits.

rabbits 013

With five big bucks in the bag, the light was now fading, following my impromtu tour of the site and on parting, was offered one of his private parking places for my van next time. All good news.