Environment Agency add value to the River Cut

February 8, 2022 at 7:42 pm

The Environment Agency returned after thee years to the tiny urban River Cut this week, to carry out repairs to berms and to remove fallen trees from the river. Controlled by Braybrooke Community Nature and Fishing club, a small Bracknell based club; the Agency have proved that Fishing License money is available for improvements, whatever the size of organisation.

Looks can be deceptive, this little river holds chub, bream and carp and crucians to 4 lb, roach and perch to a pound along with dace and some of the biggest gudgeon around. Stick float and light leger tactics account for most of the fish, although chub and perch have fallen to a variety of lures this year.

This tree had conveniently fallen on top of an existing berm, the new wood and brush added to speed the flow.

Fallen trees were incorporated into the existing berms

Overhanging branches were reaching over to the near bank and cut back to open up a new swim.

Club members lent a hand in clearing away trimmed branches.

An angler fishing, while the Environment Agency stopped for lunch. Shortly after this photo was taken, he netted a 2 lb chub.

This view shows how the shape and flow of the river has altered since the introduction of the berms, this once being a straight, shallow stretch, full of silt, that now has deep runs, curves and eddies.

An example of a recent catch of mine from the River Cut.