Environment Agency, Only Rain Down The Drain, scheme to cut pollution

December 7, 2022 at 7:21 pm

The Environment Agency, in conjuction with Thames 21, are being proactive in an attempt to reduce river pollution from land drains into local rivers, by marking roadside drains with Only Rain Down the Drain logos. Housing and a large industrial estate have covered an area, where below ground, a small river flows “out of sight and out of mind” of the thousands of people that live and work there. That river is regularly polluted through the ground water system, sometimes through the innocent dumping of old engine oil down a drain by a DIY mechanic, after an oil change, to discharges on an industrial scale from unthinking busines owners.

Ironically this was minutes after the EA’s Calverton Fish Farm had delivered 1200, chub, roach and dace to restock after a major fish kill. In the bottom right of the picture is an oil stained pollution boom from an earlier spill. The river had gone from this:

To this, in seconds:

The bucket of quality roach below was collected from the outfall sill after a grey flush through.

The source of this pollution was never traced, it passed through and the river was clear again in an hour, before Thames Water, or the Agency were able to take water samples. It is hoped that by making people aware that surface drains end up in their local river, it will help them understand the possible outcomes of their inconsiderate actions.

This week, for what has become an annual event, the Environment Agency were back again with their fish delivery truck from Calverton Fish Farm, with a top up of fish for the beleagured River Cut.

None the worse for their early morning drive from Nottinghamshire.

On this occasion the EA’s Technical Officer Laurence Hook did the honours, introducing two hundred each of chub, roach and dace.

This was another example of the Environment Agency giving value for money to Fishing License payers.