Magtech 7022 .22 semi-auto farm walkaround

October 28, 2015 at 7:34 pm

Readers of this blog will be aware, that much of my shooting revolves around the shopping habits of my wife, she likes to shop and I prefer to go shooting. A glorious afternoon had followed a grey morning and with a family wedding coming up, my wife needed to checkout some colour options in a town close to one of my small farms. Dropping her off, I had about 90 minutes, before providing her taxi home and the Magtech was the chosen tool for the job, as I would be doing a circuit of the farm, no time for a stake out today with the HMR.

rabbits 007

Coming through the gate I kept a low profile, knowing that rabbits could be anywhere in the field to my left, taking cover behind some old straw bales, while scanning the area. Sighting on a pair feeding close to the tree line, a blurred shape appeared in my scope sight. A rabbit had run out only yards away from behind the bales and I reduced the magnification down to the minimum, the still blurred image an unmissable head shot, when I fired. Missed it! In my haste, I’d forgotten to hold over on the shot, with the rifle zeroed to 50 yards, at 5 yards I needed to allow for the height of the scope from the barrel, about two inches, the bullet harmlessly nicking the fur of the neck. Panic reined, the rabbit jumped and bolted, running in a curve toward the long grass. One of the far rabbits remained long enough for me to adjust the scope back to 50 yards and sight the rifle, before ducking back into the undergrowth. Educated bunnies. These have survived this long for a reason.

rabbits 009

Returning to the gate, I surveyed the path ahead, an area that had a large warren among the brambles this year, but twenty rabbits later, it is almost clear, although, as I stood soaking up the autumn sunshine, I watched a brazen pair of rabbits trot down the slope and through the fence to began feeding on the grass in front of the far gate. Resting the Magtech on my gate, I sighted for a side on chest shot and heard the thump of the heavy 40 grain bullet strike home, tumbling the rabbit, while the other one looked up, then bobbed out of view.

urbanfieldsportsman 034

Keeping close to the brambles for cover on my right, I moved down to pick up the first, then saw the second sitting upright in a small paddock. It was facing away from me behind a wire fence only 25 yards away, an easy shot to hand, but missed, the bullet ricocheting off the wire with a whine. The rabbit still sat and I quickly took another shot, puffing up the dirt behind it. Missed again, startling the rabbit, which turned and ran toward me, knocking it down with the third. It was all over in seconds, rapid fire the advantage of a semi-auto. Fortunately the owners were not home and with a good backstop, there were no safety worries from stray bullets.

Picking these two up, I made my way through the gate, back down the lane to the van, flushing out another, which ran diagonally across in front of me, out of sight round a corner toward the farmhouse. Dropping the rabbits I followed, peering through the bushes at the corner, seeing it by a white metal gate, but not with a clear shot.Taking off my gun bag, I got down on my stomach, pushing the bag round the corner, resting the rifle. The rabbit was still there, just 20 yards away and shuffled my body round for the shot, hitting it behind the ear at an angle, flipping it in the air with a reflex jump.

rabbits 010

These days three rabbits is a good return for a visit to this small farm, the lightweight Magtech, only weighing 5 lb with scope, sound moderator and 10 shot magazine, is effortless to carry, coming up to the eye instantly for a clear shot out to sixty yards, although this afternoon, all rabbits were taken within air rifle range. With taxi duties waiting, I reluctantly had to turn a blind eye to the field behind the farmhouse, where a few more fat bunnies were sunning themselves, resolving to start my circuit from there next time.